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Algorithms Explained – minimax and alpha-beta pruning

This video covers the minimax search algorithm, as well as how it can be sped up using alpha-beta pruning.

Pseudocode: - plain minimax - alpha beta

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What is the Minimax Algorithm? - Artificial Intelligence

The minimax algorithm is one of the oldest artificial intelligence algorithms ever. It uses a simple zero sum rule to find which player will win from a current position.

This is arguably the most powerful and basic tool for building game playing artificial intelligence. It captures the intentions of two player games fighting against one another. Minimax is the foundation for algorithms like alpha-beta pruning and iterative deepening.

Engines like deep blue use optimized versions of minimax to play chess, while other computer programs have also been successful at playing games with minimax.

Source Code (Complicated, glance over the evaluate function to get a gist):

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