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Navis Smart Suite of Applications

With so many manual and moving parts in the global supply chain, investing in the latest technology is critical! Navis' Smart Suite of Applications offers technologically advanced solutions across the full spectrum of maritime and inland logistics operations. Contact us to explore the full smart suite and choose the best apps for your business!

Octopi Feature Spotlight: Terminal Transfers

Terminal Transfers are used to move cargo, via barge or truck, from one terminal to another without requiring gate movements, lifting holds, or complicating invoices. Learn how this new feature can help you with your terminal operations productivity and efficiency.

Bluetracker Fleet Performance Checklist

There are many variables that have a direct and an indirect impact on fleet performance. Let’s take a look at those that have a direct impact on maximizing performance, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. Check out our fleet performance checklist and tell us what you do to make the right decisions about your fleet performance:




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